At Last, A Healing Art That Targets Your Own Specific Issues



  • Lived without mental, emotional, spiritual or physical pain?

  • Were finally open to receiving the wisdom and power of your higher self?

  • Freed yourself from that core issue that doesn’t allow a life of joy?

  • Fully released the patterns of behavior that do not serve your soul path?

“…it is extremely rare to find a practitioner with his abilities.”   CRESTONE COLORADO

“Thank you Richard for your amazing assistance.”   BOULDER COLORADO

“Tai Yi is an incredible tool to assist ones who have a desire to heal and Richard Morrissey has the ability to give that assistance.”   WOODLAND PARK COLORADO

“With Richard’s assistance, I was able to remove energetic blocks that I had carried for a long time.”   VICTORIA BC CANADA

“Richard has a great ability to focus mind and heart on the task of healing…”   MUNICH GERMANY

“Tai Yi is a wonderful tool that will restore and balance the energy meridians of the body to optimal flow.”   ATHENS GREECE


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First-time clients receive a thorough consultation and a Tai Yi treatment, a cleansing of your electromagnetic (EM) energy field as well as a free bottle of the flower essence used in the treatment. All of this is a $185 value for $60.

This EM field cleanse is especially beneficial for those who travel frequently in aircraft or spend a lot of time with computers, video games, cell phone usage, etc. It is also useful for anyone as a general clearing from all the electronic clutter generated by modern society, especially microwaves. This allows you an unfettered chance to examine at greater depth the issues that keep you from a life of joy, abundance and tranquility.

Tai Yi provides a deep, powerful and comprehensive healing experience unlike any other.